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Welcome to my “Oh look I finally scored my own name as a domain name site!”

I don’t actually blog here FYI.

As of June 2017, I am blogging full-time as a career over at Do You Even Blog.

It all started as me reaching out to other bloggers trying to Skype with them–in an effort to learn and absorb knowledge from them.

I enjoyed that first Skype call SO much I knew I wanted to do it again.

It wasn’t for a few more months that I actually decided to make it an ongoing podcast, but I’m sure glad I did.

Reaching and teaching bloggers how to create better content, impact more people, and make money while they’re at it–this is my life’s purpose right now.

Cheers, website visitor!


P.S. https://doyouevenblog.com is not a link!

Woot woot.

This is now italics.



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